Audit-Advice auditing company is a team of professionals with deep knowledge of accounting, tax, currency legislation and jurisprudence.

Audit-Advice timely renders services of high quality to all the clients, studies their requirements carefully and achieves the assigned goals regardless of their scope and level of difficulty.

Our company appreciates honest cooperation with its clients and it is always ready to assist in solving their problems on the basis of long-term business cooperation.

High-level skills and great professional experience of Audit-Advice staff let them render a wide range of services of different levels of complication in accordance with effective legislation.

Our company’s activity means individual approach respecting confidentiality, keeping to objectivity, honesty and professional competence principles.

Audit-Advice renders a wide range of auditing, accounting and legal services of high quality for your business – audit, complete accounting support, accounting services, payroll calculation, personnel management, consulting on various issues, legal support, accounting reporting, tax reporting, restoration of accounts, accounting records maintenance, etc.


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You do not need to pay salary taxes out of your Chief Accountant wages, we pay them ourselves (income tax – 13% and insurance premium – 30%, total – 43%), saving from 25,800 rubles per month and 309,600 rubles per year;
Internal audit means that auditors monthly monitor the Chief Accountant of your company, which minimizes the risk of tax errors and is not paid separately;
We are interested in providing you with qualified specialists. You do not have to pay for the accountant’s qualification upgrading courses saving from 15,000 to 20,000 rubles per year;
Our accountants can always be substituted and a client does not have any problems with looking for personnel and its recruitment, substitution during holidays or sick leaves – these are our problems, saving from 60,000 rubles per year;
You do not need to equip separate work places for accountants and lawyers, saving from 110,000 rubles per year;
We will provide bookkeeping and tax accounting with all the modern accounting systems, you will economize on the software (special accounting programmes – 1C: Enterprise, Consultant+, Guarantor and others, as well as their updating and support), saving from 300,000 rubles per year;
We are financially liable to our clients.




Full accounting support

Legal services

Registration and liquidation of companies

Tax consulting

Services for individuals

  • Execution of declarations
  • Tax consulting
  • Property disputes




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