Bookkeeping services


Bookkeeping services will be a great investment for companies just established. The pace of development of your company will depend on the good start of work. But bookkeeping services are also very essential to businesses which have already for a long time existed in the market of goods and services, especially those that want to change accounting policy.

Bookkeeping services for our client’s company may consist of the following elements:

Execution of all production operations in tax accounting and bookkeeping

Making all primary accounting documents, namely the acts of the work and services performed, invoices, accounts of reconciliation statements, cash instruments, advance reports, way-bills, documents confirming representation costs, documents for construction companies

Making and sending of payment orders to the bank, servicing bank accounts, preparation of documents requested by the bank including the documents for control of foreign currency accounts

Making and sending of reporting documents to tax authorities, statistical bodies, funds (social insurance and pension)

Participation in the formation of the company’s financial policy

Full responsibility for keeping the company’s financial documents

Bookkeeping services, its adjustment for the company

Restoration and correction of tax accounting and bookkeeping

Protection and representation of the client company interests before the Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service and other state bodies

The benefits of bookkeeping outsourcing

It is profitable and convenient to use the accounting services, provided by our company, for a number of reasons:

When conducting bookkeeping outsourcing we undertake financial and legal responsibility for all operations and functions of accounting

The bookkeeping services you will obtain will be provided only by highly qualified professionals with sound work experience

The employees of the company providing bookkeeping services constantly monitor and are regulated in their work by all of the new legislation acts regarding the procedure of payment, tax accounting and bookkeeping

The fees for accounting services rendered by our company will certainly be lower than to keep a team of professional accountants at the company.

Currently, business people are more and more often use the services of private companies that offer bookkeeping outsourcing. One of the reasons why choose the bookkeeping outsourcing is the lack of time to search for qualified workers. Indeed, the further development of the company - its decline or rise - depends on the qualifications and skills of an accountant. Our experts have extensive experience and will conduct bookkeeping outsourcing at the highest level. You can see for yourself by contacting us.

Once you have decided what kind of services you need, we conclude the agreement for accounting support. This procedure is obligatory for all serious and legally operating companies as the agreement for accounting support is a kind of guarantee that the work will be done in time and at the highest level.